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All Word 2016 documents sport the Normal style, which is the standard text and paragraph style and probably the style upon which all your personal styles are based. Like just about anything in Word, the Normal style can be changed — but be cautious if you do so.

To alter the Normal styles font or paragraph format, summon the Font or Paragraph dialog boxes. In both dialog boxes, you find a Set as Default button. To update the Normal style with changes made in either dialog box, click that button.

For example, to reset the Normal style's font to Times New Roman, follow these steps:

  1. Apply the Normal style to the current paragraph.

  2. Press Ctrl+D to summon the Font dialog box.

  3. Choose Times New Roman as the font.

  4. Click the Set as Default button.

    A dialog box appears.

  5. Choose the All Documents option to update the Normal template and change the Normal style for all documents.

    If you choose the This Document Only option, the style is updated only for the current document.

  6. Click OK.

Don't make this choice unless you're determined to alter the Normal style. Mostly, people get into trouble when they accidentally change the Normal style and then want to change it back. If so, follow these steps to restore the Normal style.

The Normal style is defined with the following formats: Calibri font, 11 points tall, left-justified paragraphs, multiple line spacing at 1.08 lines, no indenting, zero margins, and 8 points of space after every paragraph.

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