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E-mailing your Word 2013 document is a snap! But it’s a little different depending on which email program you are using. If you’re using Microsoft Outlook, it works one way. Other programs work a little differently. First, let’s look at how to send a Word 2012 document in an Outlook email and then we’ll tackle how other programs work.

  1. Save your document one more time.

    It never hurts to check, double check, and re-check.

  2. Click the File tab.

    This will open a window with document options.

  3. Choose the Share command.

    This will allow you to share your document with others.

  4. Choose the E-Mail item found under the Share heading.

    This will allow you to share via e-mail.

  5. Click the Send As Attachment button.

    At this point, Outlook takes over and you compose your e-mail message. When you send the message, your Word document is sent along as well.

    If you don’t use Outlook, you can always send a Word document just as you send any e-mail file attachment. The key is to save the document and remember its filename and location so that you can find it later. Continue on to find out how to attach a Word document to an e-mail message by using just about any e-mail program.

  6. Compose your e-mail message as you normally do.

    Compose your message normally.

  7. If you need to send an additional file, use the Attach command to find the additional file and attach it to the message.

    Press send and your document and message are on their way!

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