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Word 2013 comes with a library of common shapes ready to insert into your document. Graphics professionals call the shapes line art. You can call forth line art into your document by following these steps:

  1. Choose a predefined shape from the Shapes button menu, found in the Illustrations group on the Insert tab.

    After you choose a shape, the mouse pointer changes to a plus sign (+).

  2. Drag the mouse in the document to wherever you want the shape to appear.

    Drag down, from the upper-left corner of the shape to the lower right. The shape appears at the location where you draw it, at a size determined by how you drag the mouse. Some shapes may require you to click the mouse two or three times to draw a line or create a curve.

The shape you insert floats over your text, hiding your document. To fix it, you use one of Word’s text wrapping tools.

Control the shape’s colors and look by using the Format tab’s Shape Styles group. Here are some things you can do:

  • To set the shape’s color style, click the Theme Fill button. The theme’s colors are set when you choose a document theme.

  • Choose the Shape Fill button to determine which color to use for the shape’s interior.

  • The Shape Outline button sets the color for the line that defines the shape.

  • Set the shape’s line thickness by choosing the Weight submenu from the Shape Outline button’s menu.

  • To stick a picture into the shape, effectively making it a picture frame, click the Shape Fill button and choose Picture from the menu. Use the Select Picture dialog box to hunt down an image to place into the shape.

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