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The easiest way to make up a new style in Word 2016 is to format a single paragraph just the way you like. Once you've set text and paragraph formatting, follow these steps to create the new style:

  1. Select the text you've formatted.

  2. Click the Home tab.

  3. In the Styles group, display the full Quick Styles Gallery.

    Click the down-pointing arrow in the lower-right corner of the Gallery.

  4. Choose the command Create a Style.

    The Create New Style from Formatting dialog box appears.

  5. In the Name box, type a short and descriptive name for your style.

    For example, proposal body for the main text of a proposal or dialog for a character's lines in a play.

  6. Click the OK button to create the style.

    The style is created and applied to the selected text.

The style you create appears on the Ribbon, in the Style Gallery.

  • Styles you create are saved with the document, along with the text and other document info.

  • To make the style available to other documents, build a template. Styles in a template are available to all documents created by using that template.

  • You may have to tweak some settings in your style.

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