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Word lets you print sheets of identical labels, but they contain only boring text. Try to spice things up by adding color, fancy fonts, and formatting. The best way to spice up a label is to add a picture or other graphics.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Mailings tab.

  2. In the Create group, click the Labels button.

    The Envelopes and Labels dialog box appears, Label tab forward.

  3. Ensure that the proper label format is chosen in the lower-right part of the dialog box.

    Click the label thumbnail to change the format.

  4. Type the label’s text into the Address box.

  5. Ensure that the item Full Page of the Same Label is chosen.

  6. Click the New Document button.

    A sheet of identical labels is created.

    The next steps add the graphic.

  7. Click the Insert tab.

  8. Click the Pictures command button.

  9. Use the Insert Picture dialog box to hunt down the image you want to add.

  10. Click the select the image, and click the Insert button.

    Don’t freak out if the image is at the wrong size and location! You’re about to fix it.

  11. Ensure that the image is on the first label.

    For now, the first label is the master; you’ll duplicate the image in a later step.

  12. Click one of the eight handles around the image to resize it.

    The image needs to fit on a single label.

  13. Click the Layout Options button.

    If you don’t see the Layout Options button, click the image. The button appears near the image’s upper right corner.

  14. Choose the Square layout.

    The Square layout button is the first button below the With Text Wrapping heading, on the left.

  15. Position the image on the first label.

    Use the mouse to drag the image to the proper spot.

    With the first label set the way you want all the labels to appear, you now need to duplicate the image.

  16. Click the Mailings tab.

    You need to fool Word into believing that you’re creating a merged list of labels.

  17. Click the Start Mail Merge button and choose Labels.

    The Label Options dialog box appears.

  18. Click the Cancel button.

  19. In the Write & Insert Fields group, click the Update Labels button.

    The graphic is copied to all labels on the sheet.

    Alas, the text <> is also copied. You need to remove that text.

  20. Carefully select the text <> including the angle brackets on either side.

    You have to select the whole thing; clicking only the field turns it gray. That’s not selecting! Drag the mouse over the entire thing to select it.

  21. Press Ctrl+C to copy that text.

  22. Press Ctrl+H to conjure up the Find and Replace dialog box.

  23. Press Ctrl+V to paste the text in the Find What box.

    Leave the Replace With box blank.

  24. Click the Replace All button.

    At this point, Word may replace only the selected text. That’s fine: Click the Yes button to continue replacing throughout the entire document.

  25. Click OK when the search-and-replace operation has been completed.

  26. Close the Find and Replace dialog box.

    All those annoying <> chunks have disappeared from the labels.

Now your labels are ready to save and print.

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