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The Site Actions menu is available to users who are members of the Site Members group in SharePoint Server 2010. Members of the Site Visitors group and other groups that are restricted to Read Only permissions can’t see the Site Actions menu. No individual permission is related to accessing the Site Actions menu.

Rather, the ability to see the Site Actions menu is determined by whether the user belongs to a group with the permissions to access commands found on the Site Actions menu. For example, a group with the Add and Customize Pages permission can see the Edit Pages command on the Site Actions menu, which enables members of that group to see the Site Actions menu.

The Site Actions menu provides shortcuts to commands commonly used by administrators, contributors, designers, and hierarchy managers when working with SharePoint sites. Which menu commands are available depends on your permissions and on the kind of site. The Site Actions menu looks for a member of the Site Owners group in a SharePoint team site.


You can always change which group has permission to access the commands on the Site Actions menu.

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