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After you create a new list in SharePoint 2010, if you set the list’s web address, you may want to change the list’s name to something friendlier.

With the list you created open in the browser, do the following:

  1. Click the List tab in the SharePoint Ribbon.

  2. In the Settings group, click the List Settings button that appears on the far right of the Ribbon.

    The List Settings page appears.

  3. Under General Settings, click the Title, Description, and Navigation link.

  4. In the List General Settings page that appears, update the name and description (you can leave Navigation alone).

    The Name field changes the caption used for the list, but the web address remains the same.

  5. If you want to add or remove the list from the site’s left navigation pane, you can change your selection to the question, Display This List On the Quick Launch?

  6. Click the Save button to update your list.

    The name, description, and navigation of your list updates to match your changes. Because the web address doesn’t change, any links to your list will continue to work.

Instead of using a SharePoint predefined list template, sometimes you have a very specific set of columns you want to track in your list. That’s when a custom list comes in handy. Creating custom lists requires you to add new columns to your list.

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