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When you select a text object for editing, PowerPoint 2016 transforms into a baby word processor so you can edit the text. Note that PowerPoint automatically wraps text so that you don't have to press Enter at the end of every line. Press Enter only when you want to begin a new paragraph.

Text in a PowerPoint presentation is usually formatted with a bullet character at the beginning of each paragraph. The default bullet character depends on the theme you've applied to the slide. But if you don't like the bullet provided by the theme, you can change it to just about any shape that you can imagine. The point to remember here is that the bullet character is a part of the paragraph format, and not a character that you have to type in your text.

You can move around within a text object by pressing the arrow keys or by using the mouse. You can also use the End and Home keys to take the insertion point to the start or end of the line that you're on. Additionally, you can use the arrow keys in combination with the Ctrl key to move around even faster. For example, press the Ctrl key and the left- or right-arrow key to move left or right an entire word at a time.

You delete text by pressing the Delete or Backspace key. To delete from the insertion point to the start or end of a word, use the Ctrl key along with the Delete or Backspace key. If you first select a block of text, the Delete and Backspace keys delete the entire selection.

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