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  1. Change note colors. Sticky notes don’t have to be yellow. To change a note color, change its category. Select it, and then on the Home tab, click Categorize and choose a different color. This changes the note color in Icon view and any other views that show it as a colored sticky note.
  2. Forward a note. To send a note to someone else via email, select the note and on the Home tab, click Forward. Then address and send the email as you normally would. If the recipient has Outlook, he or she can open and view the note.
  3. Sort and filter the current Notes view. To change the way notes appear, you can modify the view, the same as in other modules. On the Home tab, open the Current View group’s gallery and choose Manage Views. Select Current View Settings, and then click Modify. Click Sort to change the sort order, or Filter to filter the list. Click Reset Current View if you change your mind about the changes.
  4. Make the notes larger or smaller. When viewing the notes in Icon view, on the View tab, click Large Icons or Small Icons to switch between the two options. (But be warned: You are not going to like Small Icons view. It’s messy, and you lose the icon colors.) List view, also available from the View tab, shows the notes as a single-column list.
  5. Resize an open note. When you double-click a note, it opens in its own separate sticky-note window. You can drag the corner of this window to change its size so you can see more of the note without scrolling (if it’s a long note).

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