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You can use Outlook 2013 to exchange e-mail through more than one e-mail address. For example, you might have different e-mail addresses for business use and personal use. If you want to create a similar arrangement, just set up a separate account for each address.

Telling one Outlook account apart from another isn’t too tough. Normally Outlook sends your reply to an e-mail message through the account in which you received the message. When you’re replying, you don’t have to think about which account you’re using.

When you’re creating a message, however, Outlook sends the message through the account that you marked as the default account (the one it must use unless you specify otherwise). If you want to check which account a message will be sent through, look at the From field at the top of the e-mail message.

If you would like to change the sending account, just click the From button and select the new account from the drop-down list.

If you use only the e-mail address provided by your ISP, you’ll get along just fine. But if you want to set up a separate e-mail address for each member of your family, or keep your business e-mail separate from your personal messages, you can open an account with any number of mailbox providers.

Microsoft’s Hotmail/ service is a good place to go for free e-mail accounts. Hotmail still exists, though Microsoft is upgrading the service and calling it If you want to open an e-mail account today, it will have an address.

If you already have a Hotmail or Live.Com address, you can keep using it, but you’ll be asked to upgrade to the new service. Eventually, all Hotmail and addresses will be converted to is another popular provider of electronic mailboxes. You can sign up for an address through for free and check your e-mail messages through your web browser. If you want to take advantage of Outlook’s sophisticated mail-management features with your account, you can pay extra per year for a POP3 account. Other companies that offer e-mail services include Google and Yahoo!.

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