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To help launch your movie career, PowerPoint 2016 offers a handful of video-editing tools on the (Video Tools) Format and (Video Tools) Playback tabs. Select your video and experiment with these tools to see whether you can improve upon it:

  • Fading in and fading out: To make the video fade in or out, visit the (Video Tools) Playback tab and enter a time measurement in the Fade In and Fade Out boxes. For example, entering 5.00 in the Fade In box makes the video fade in during the first 5 seconds.

  • Trimming the start or end from a video: On the (Video Tools) Playback tab, click the Trim Video button to trim off the beginning or end of a video. You see the Trim Video dialog box. On the timeline bar, drag the start marker and end marker toward the center of the timeline and click OK. What is between the markers remains in the video.

    To restore cuts you made to a video, click the Trim Video button and drag markers in the Trim Video dialog box.

  • Improving the brightness and contrast: On the (Video Tools) Format tab, click the Corrections button and see whether you can get a better picture by selecting an option on the drop-down list. Choose Video Corrections Options if you have the wherewithal to play with the brightness and contrast settings in the Format Video dialog box.

  • Recoloring a video: On the (Video Tools) Format tab, click the Color button and choose a color option on the drop-down list if doing so improves the look of your video.

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