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Some people love the Ribbon interface of Office 2016, while others only tolerate it. No matter what your feelings toward the Ribbon interface may be, you can customize which icons appear on it so it only displays those features you need (and use) most often.

To customize the Ribbon interface, follow these steps:

  1. Load an Office 2016 program, such as Word or Excel.

  2. Click the File tab.

  3. Click Options.

    The Options dialog box appears.

  4. Click Customize Ribbon in the left pane.

    The Options dialog box displays two columns. The left column displays all additional commands you can place on the Ribbon, while the right column lists all currently displayed tabs and commands.

  5. (Optional) Clear a check box in the right column to hide an entire tab from view.

    Hiding tabs can be handy when you never use a particular group of commands and you want to simplify the Ribbon interface.

  6. (Optional) Click the New Tab button to create a new tab. Then you can click a command in the left column and click the Add button to place commands on a new tab of your own design.

  7. (Optional) Click the Reset button.

    The Reset button lets you restore the default settings of a single tab or the entire Ribbon. Use this feature to make your copy of Office 2016 look like everyone else's.

  8. Click OK.

Customizing the Ribbon can make your copy of Office 2016 work exactly the way you want. However, if other people need to use your copy of Office 2016 (or if you need to use someone else's copy of Office 2016), you may find that using different Ribbon interfaces can get confusing.

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