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Once you’ve launched your web app, List and Datasheet views give you two different ways to add a new record in Access 2016. List view is best if your table contains many fields and you don’t like scrolling. Datasheet view, as you can probably guess, is best if your table contains a small number of fields (generally, less than fifteen) and you do like scrolling!

Once you’ve launched your app, follow these steps in either view to add a new record:

  1. Click the name of the table to which you’d like to add data.

    The table opens in List view displaying the first record in the table. Click Datasheet if you want to add your records in a datasheet. Remember, tables are listed down the left side of the screen and have star symbols next to them.

  2. Click the Add icon (+) on the Action Bar to move to a new record.

    The form moves to a new record and the cursor is placed in the first field.

  3. Add data for the new record to the appropriate fields on the form.

  4. Click the Save icon (disk) on the Action Bar.

    The record is saved. You must click the Save icon in a web app to save data, unlike desktop Access where records are saved automatically when you change records or close a form. Don’t panic though, if you forget to click Save and change records or views in your web app, Access will prompt you.

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