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Illustrator CC has added some timesaving features that are especially important to production artists and designers working within a group environment. You can now package up your artwork, unembed images, place multiple files, see more images about links, and much more.

When your images are placed on your artboard, you can retrieve additional information about them in the Links panel. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Window→Links to see the Links panel, where you can find the images that you placed.

  2. Select any one of the images. Double-click it to see the additional details you can now access in Adobe Illustrator.

    In addition to the basic icons to Relink, Go to Link, Update Link, and Edit Original, you see the following information, shown in the figure:

    1. Name: Displays the name of the linked file.

    2. Format: Displays the file type of the linked file and type of linking (Linked or Embedded).

    3. Color Space: Displays the color space and color profile of the linked file. It is blank for embedded files.

    4. Location: Displays the folder location of the linked file.

    5. PPI: Displays the effective PPI of the linked file.

    6. Dimensions: Displays the original dimensions of the linked file. This value does not change, even if you transform the linked file.

    7. Scale: Displays the artwork’s values for scale and rotation.

    8. Size: Displays the size of the file in bytes and kilobytes.

    9. Created: Displays the date the file was created.

    10. Modified: Displays the date the file was most recently modified.

    11. Transparent: Displays if the image contains an alpha transparency.

    12. Navigation: Click the Next or Previous arrow to view information for other linked files.

      The Links panel in Adobe Illustrator offers information about your files.
      The improved Links panel offers additional information about your imported files.

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