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Because YouTube hosts a seemingly unlimited variety of video content, take advantage of the parental control option, Safety Mode, which sports multiple features parents can use to protect their children from inappropriate content.

After a video is viewed on YouTube, a screen appears with recommended and related content that YouTube suggests you may want to view next. Parents should discuss with their kids that these images will appear without prompting.

The YouTube Safety Mode provides the following features:

  • Hides videos with potentially objectionable material

  • Hides comments on videos unless you elect to show comments

  • Replaces most inappropriate language in comments with stars

To implement Safety Mode, take the following steps:

  1. Go to YouTube, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the Safety drop-down arrow.

  2. In the Choose Your Safety Mode drop-down window that appears, select the On radio button.

    The Safety Mode Lock check box appears.

  3. Select the Lock Safety Mode on This Browser check box.

    With Safety Mode enabled, you can also lock Safety Mode for the browser you’re currently in. Locking Safety Mode on a browser means that even if you sign out of your Google account, YouTube will remain in Safety Mode when accessed through that browser.

  4. Click the Save button.

    If your family uses multiple web browsers, be sure to repeat the locking process on each one.

If you’ve set YouTube content filters but still don’t feel comfortable allowing your children and teens to search for YouTube content without parental supervision, consider screening content prior to showing it to your children. After you deem the content appropriate, allow your children to view the video with supervision. Be prepared that at the end of the video, though, suggested content thumbnails will appear.

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