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Topsy is a search engine that stores a comprehensive index of Tweets — as its site says, “all Tweets since 2006.” A Twitter certified partner, Topsy behaves a lot like Google Search for Twitter. Using the tool is quite simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Type a keyword query in the search bar.

    Topsy swiftly gives you the results. You can drill further down into the search results through a few options.

  2. In the Latest Results panel, select the time frame for your search.

    You have the option to see Tweets from the past hour, past day, past seven days, past 30 days, all time, or a specific range.

  3. In the Everything panel, select Tweet types to narrow your search.

    You can drill down on search results based on whether they include links, Tweets, photos, or videos. You can also drill down by influencers; Topsy searches for people it considers to be relevant as influencers. If you’re searching for Tweets from the Inbound conference, for example, @HubSpot appears as an influencer. This makes sense, because HubSpot hosts the Inbound conference.

  4. In the All Languages panel, select a language for your search.

    This setting displays only Tweets published in that language.

Check out the results of searching for @anum. The results for the options Past 9 Days, Everything, and English provide a mix of the latest 213 Tweets, including links, photos, and general Tweets.


Topsy also provides a sentiment score to show how positive the Tweets are, as well as an option to view the trends for this search query with Topsy Analytics. A sentiment report essentially shows you how positively or negatively people resonated with the Tweets. This can roughly indicate to you how happy or upset people are about the topic being searched.

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