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The Pythonware site doesn’t look all that interesting until you start clicking the links. It provides you with access to a number of third-party libraries that help you perform additional tasks using Python. Although all the links provide you with useful resources, the “Downloads (” link is the one you should look at first. This download site provides you with access to
  • aggdraw: A library that helps you create anti-aliased drawings.
  • celementtree: An add-on to the elementtree library that makes working with XML data more efficient and faster.
  • console: An interface for Windows that makes it possible to create better console applications.
  • effbot: A collection of useful add-ons and utilities, including the EffNews RSS news reader.
  • elementsoap: A library that helps you create Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) connections to web services providers.
  • elementtidy: An add-on to the elementtree library that helps you create nicer-looking and more functional XML tree displays than the standard ones in Python.
  • elementtree: A library that helps you interact with XML data more efficiently than standard Python allows.
  • exemaker: A utility that creates an executable program from your Python script so that you can execute the script just as you would any other application on your machine.
  • ftpparse: A library for working with FTP sites.
  • grabscreen: A library for performing screen captures.
  • imaging: Provides the source distribution to the Python Imaging Library (PIL) that lets you add image-processing capabilities to the Python interpreter. Having the source lets you customize PIL to meet specific needs.
  • pil: Binary installers for PIL, which make obtaining a good installation for your system easier. (There are other PIL-based libraries as well, such as pilfont — a library for adding enhanced font functionality to a PIL-based application.)
  • pythondoc: A utility for creating documentation from the comments in your Python code that works much like JavaDoc.
  • squeeze: A utility for converting your Python application contained in multiple files into a one- or two-file distribution that will execute as normal with the Python interpreter.
  • tkinter3000: A widget-building library for Python that includes a number of subproducts. Widgets are essentially bits of code that create controls, such as buttons, to use in GUI applications. There are a number of add-ons for the tkinter3000 library, such as wckgraph, which helps you add graphing support to an application.

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