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Buying an item on eBay is an art. You can get some great deals! But before you bid on an auction item or buy a fixed-price listing, follow these tips:

  • Research the item before you bid or buy, and search completed item listings to see what price similar items have sold for in the past. If the item is new and can be bought in a store, do some online research on search engines to find out what the stores are selling the item for. Don’t overbid or overpay!

  • Make a mental note of the cost of shipping before bidding or buying an item. Add the shipping cost to your final amount to get a clear idea of the total amount you will be paying.

  • Check the seller’s feedback. No matter how high the feedback rating, be sure the latest feedback isn’t negative.

  • When bidding in an auction, bid in odd increments. Bidders often bid in round numbers (such as $0.25 increments). If you bid in $0.27 increments, you might win by just $0.02!

  • Have fun and be prepared to pay for whatever you bid on. Remember: In many states, placing a bid is a binding contract.

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