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In the paragraphs of your eBay About Me page, you can use HTML, a markup language used on the Web, to add images or fancy text. These unique-to-eBay HTML codes give your About Me page a custom look.

You can combine some code with others (such as those for bold and color). The following table gives you the codes that you can type into the HTML portion of your text entry.

eBay-Centric HTML Codes
Code You Enter What It Displays
Displays your user ID and real-time feedback rating.
Displays your user ID and feedback rating in boldface.
Displays your user ID with no clickable link (useful if you plan to change your ID soon).
Displays your user ID with no feedback number after it.
Combines two of the previous tags into one.
Shows your up-to-the-minute feedback comments in real time.
Changes the color of the second line on your feedback comment table to red.
Changes the width of your feedback comment table as a percentage of the allowed space (the default value is 90%).
Inserts a list of the items you currently have up for sale.
Displays everything you’re currently bidding on.
Inserts the official eBay time into your text.
Inputs the date and time of your initial eBay registration.

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