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A preinstalled app that will help you stay on time is Clock. Though simple to use, Clock helps you view the time in multiple locations, set alarms, and use a timer.

How to display Clock

You can access Clock from the Home screen that contains all the other preinstalled apps, such as Notes and Camera.

  1. Tap the Clock app to open it. In World Clock view, preset location clocks are displayed along the top of the screen, and the locations of these clocks are displayed on a world map below them.

  2. Tap a clock at the top of the screen to display it full-screen.

  3. Tap the World Clock button to return to the World Clock screen. (If the World Clock button isn’t visible, tap the screen to make it appear.)

Clocks for cities that are currently in nighttime are displayed in black. Clocks for cities that are currently in daytime are displayed in white.

Add or delete a clock on your iPad

You can add a clock for many (but not all) locations around the world.

  1. With Clock open, tap Add on the clock on the far-right side.

  2. Tap a city in the resulting list, or tap a letter on the right side of the screen to display locations that begin with that letter.

    The clock appears in the last spot on the right side of the screen, and the location is displayed on the world map.

  3. To remove a location’s clock, tap the Edit button in the top-left corner of the World Clock screen.

    Then tap the minus symbol next to a location and tap the Delete button.


Set an alarm on your iPad

With the Clock app open, tap the Alarm tab at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Tap the Add button (a button represented by a plus symbol in the top-right corner).

  2. In the Add Alarm dialog take any of the following actions, tapping the Back button after you make each setting to return to the Add Alarm dialog:

    • Tap Repeat if you want the alarm to repeat at a regular interval, such as every Monday or every Sunday.

    • Tap Label if you want the alarm to have a name such as “Take Pill” or “Call Mom.”

    • Tap Sound to choose the tone the alarm will play.

    • Tap the On/Off switch for Snooze if you want to use the Snooze feature.

  3. Place your finger on the three wheels at the top of the dialog, scroll to set the time when you want the alarm to occur, and tap Save. The alarm appears on the calendar’s Alarm tab.

To delete an alarm, tap the Alarm tab and then tap Edit. All alarms appear. Tap the red circle with a minus in it next to the alarm and then tap the Delete button.

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