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You can use your data connection cord to connect your iPad and computer to sync info like contacts and calendar settings. Before you can use iTunes to sync, you have to download the software and, if you want to make purchases from the store, open an iTunes account.

With iTunes installed on your computer and an iTunes account set up, follow these simple steps to sync to your iPad:

  1. Plug the data connection cord into your iPad.

  2. Plug the other end of the data connection cord into your computer.

    iTunes opens and shows an item in the left pane for your iPad and an icon indicating that it's syncing. Your iPad screen shows the words "Sync in Progress."


    When the syncing is complete, your Home screen returns on the iPad, and iTunes shows a message indicating that the iPad sync is complete and that it's okay for you to disconnect the cable. Any media you chose in your iTunes settings to have transferred, and any new photos in the folder on your computer containing pictures, have been transferred to your iPad.

  3. After syncing, unplug the data connection cord from your iPad and your computer.


If you're into social networking, you might try tapping the Ping button at the bottom of the iTunes screen to check out Apple's new entry in the social networking world. It's described as a great way to follow your favorite artists or friends and keep tuned to the music everybody's listening to.

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