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If you can’t find your iPad or iPad mini right away by playing a sound, your next step should be to ensure that some other person who finds the device can’t rummage around in your stuff. You do this by putting your tablet into lost mode, which remotely locks the tablet using the passcode that you set earlier (or a new passcode, if you haven’t set one).

You can also provide a phone number where you can be reached and send a message for whoever finds your device. Follow these steps to put your iPad or iPad mini into lost mode:

  1. Display the My Devices list.

  2. Tap or click your iPad or iPad mini in the Devices list. Find My iPhone locates your iPad or iPad mini on a map.

  3. Tap or click Lost Mode. If you’ve already set a passcode on your tablet, Find My iPhone displays the Lost Mode dialog shown in this figure. In this case, skip to step 6.

  4. If your tablet isn’t already protected by a passcode, tap or click the numbers in the keypad to enter a four-digit passcode.

  5. Reenter the four-digit passcode. Find My iPhone asks you to enter an optional phone number where you can be reached.

  6. Type your phone number, and then select Next. Find My iPhone prompts you to type a message that will appear on the tablet, along with the phone number.

  7. Type the message, and then tap or click Done. Find My iPhone remotely locks the iPad or iPad mini and displays the message, as shown in this figure.


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