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iPad's Mail app offers a small set of folders for organizing your messages, as well as a handy search feature. Especially if you've set up multiple e-mail accounts, you'll want to keep your e-mails organized and under control on your iPad.

Searching e-mail

Say you want to find all messages from a certain person or with a certain word in the Subject field. You can use Mail's handy Search feature to find that e-mail. You can search To, From, and Subject fields.

Follow these steps to practice using Mail's Search feature:

  1. With Mail open, tap the Inbox button.

  2. In the Inbox, tap in the Search Inbox field.

    The onscreen keyboard appears.

  3. Enter a search term or name.

  4. Tap the From, To, or Subject tab to view messages that contain the search term in one of those fields, or tap the All tab to see messages in which any of these three fields contains the term.

    Matching e-mails are listed in the results.


To start a new search or go back to the full inbox, tap the Delete key in the upper-right corner of the onscreen keyboard to delete the term, or tap the Cancel button.

Deleting an e-mail

When you no longer want an e-mail cluttering up your inbox, you can delete it. When you delete an e-mail on your iPad, it's gone from your inbox, including the inbox you access through your mobile phone or computer e-mail setup. However, for a time, you can retrieve it from the Trash folder of your e-mail account (get to that folder by tapping the name of your e-mail account in the upper-left corner of the Inbox pane).

Here's how to delete those e-mails you no longer want:

  1. With the inbox displayed, tap the Edit button.

    Circular check boxes are displayed to the left of each message.

  2. Tap the circle next to the message(s) you want to delete.

    You can tap multiple items if you have several e-mails to delete. Messages marked for deletion show a check mark in the circular check box.

  3. Tap the Delete button.

    Messages marked for deletion are moved to the Trash folder.

You can also delete an open e-mail by tapping the trashcan icon in the toolbar that runs across the top.

Organizing e-mail folders

You can move messages into any of a few predefined folders in Mail. With the folder containing the message you want to move (for example, the Trash or Inbox) displayed, tap the Edit button. Circular check boxes are displayed to the left of each message.

Now follow these steps to move any message into another folder:

  1. Tap the circle next to the message(s) you want to move.

  2. Tap the Move button.

  3. In the Mailboxes list that appears, tap the folder where you'd like to store the message(s).

    The selected messages are moved.


If you have an e-mail open, you can move it to a folder by tapping the Folder icon on the toolbar that runs along the top. The Mailboxes list appears; tap a folder to move the message.

If you get a junk e-mail, you might want to move it to the Spam folder. Once you do, any future mail from that same sender is automatically placed in the Spam folder.

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