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If you’ve been playing with your iPad, you know that it’s a fingerprint magnet (despite Apple’s claim that the iPad has a fingerprint-resistant screen). Here are some tips for avoiding fingerprint marks and cleaning your iPad screen:

  • Use a stylus instead of your fingers. You can buy a stylus for about $1 (or even less) and use it to tap the screen. You may even find that a stylus is more accurate than your fingers when you’re using the onscreen keyboard.

  • Use a dry, soft cloth. You can get most fingerprints off with a dry, soft cloth such as the one you use to clean your eyeglasses or a cleaning tissue that’s lint- and chemical-free. Or try products used to clean lenses in labs, such as Kimwipes or Kaydry, which you can get from several major retailers, such as Amazon.

  • Use a stand or dock to hold your iPad. With a stand or dock, you spend less time picking up your tablet, which cuts down on finger smudges.

  • Use a soft cloth. To get the surface even cleaner, very slightly moisten the cloth (moisture can damage your iPad if you overdo it). Again, make sure that whatever cloth material you use is free of lint.

  • Remove the cables. Turn off your iPad and unplug any cables from it before cleaning the screen with a moistened cloth.

  • Avoid too much moisture. Avoid getting too much moisture around the edges of the screen, where it can seep into the unit. Even the new iPad Air 2, which has its glass, LCD, and touch sensor bonded together to avoid any air gaps, can be at risk from too much moisture.

  • Never use household cleaners. They can degrade the coating that keeps the iPad screen from absorbing oil from your fingers.

Do not use premoistened lens-cleaning tissues to clean your iPad screen. Most wipe brands contain alcohol, which can damage the screen’s coating.

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