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Once your iPad 2 is connected to the Internet, browse web pages using the Safari web browser. With Safari, you can browse a wide world of information, entertainment, education, and more on the Internet.

Start the Safari web browser

Before you can use Safari, you must first connect your iPad to the Internet — either through a Wi-Fi connection, or through a 3G connection with your Internet provider.

  1. Tap the Safari icon on the Home screen.


    Safari opens, probably displaying the Apple iPad home page the first time you go online.

  2. To enlarge a page, put two fingers together on the screen and swipe them outward.


    Double-tap the screen with a single finger to restore the default screen size.

  3. Scroll down the page by putting your finger on the screen and flicking upward.

  4. Return to the top of the page, put your finger on the screen and drag downward or tap the Status bar at the top of the screen.

Using the pinch method to enlarge or reduce the size of a web page on your screen allows you to view what’s displayed at various sizes, giving you more flexibility than the double-tap method.

Navigate between web pages in Safari

The Internet is a web of interconnected pages. You can jump from one page to another by tapping a link, or by entering a web page's address in Safari.

  1. Tap in the Address field.


    The onscreen keyboard appears.

  2. To clear the field, press the Delete key on the keyboard. Then type a web address.

  3. Tap the Go key on the keyboard.

    The website appears.

    • If for some reason a page doesn’t display, tap the Reload icon on the right end of the Address field.

    • If Safari is loading a web page and you change your mind about viewing the page, tap the Stop icon (the X), which appears on the right end of the Address field to stop loading the page.

    • Tap the Previous arrow to go backward to the last page you displayed.

    • Tap the Next arrow to go forward to the page you just came from.

    • To follow a link to another web page, tap the link with your finger. To view the destination web address of the link before you tap it, just touch and hold the link, and a menu appears that displays the address at the top.


By default, AutoFill is turned on in iPad, causing entries you make in fields such as the Address field to automatically display possible matching entries. You can turn off AutoFill by using iPad Settings.

View your Safari browsing history

As you move around the web, your browser keeps a record of your browsing history (the web pages you've visited). This record can be handy when you want to visit a site that you viewed previously but have forgotten its address.

  1. With Safari open, tap the Bookmark icon.

  2. Tap History.


    The History list appears.

  3. Tap a site to navigate to it.


To clear your browsing history, tap the Clear History button. This is useful when you don’t want your spouse or grandchildren to see where you’ve been browsing for birthday or holiday presents!

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