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The iPhone setting known as About, found by tapping Settings→General→About, is full of trivial (and not-so-trivial) information about the device. What you find here is (mostly) straightforward:

  • Name of your phone

  • Name of your network

  • Number of songs stored on the device

  • Number of videos

  • Number of photos

  • Number of apps

  • Storage capacity used and available: Because of the way the device is formatted, you always have a little less storage than the advertised amount of flash memory.

  • Software version: You'll see a number such as 8.0.2. And in parentheses next to the version number, you also see a number such as (12A4405), which is the build number of the software version you have. The build number changes whenever the iPhone's software is updated.

  • Carrier: Yep, in the United States, the carrier is most likely AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon Wireless, but it could be a smaller carrier, too.

  • Model and serial numbers

  • Wi-Fi address

  • Bluetooth address

  • IMEI, ICCID, and MEID: Say what? These abbreviations stand for the International Mobile Equipment Identity, Integrated Circuit Card Identifier, and Mobile Equipment Identifier numbers, respectively. ICCID is for GSM-type networks, and MEID pertains to CDMA networks. Hey, you were warned that some of this was trivial and geeky.

  • Modern firmware: Firmware is not quite software and not quite hardware. But without it, your phone wouldn't function.

  • SEID: This setting refers to chipset identity that is related to security and NFC, the mechanism used as part of the Apple Pay mobile payments system on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

  • Legal: You had to know that the lawyers would get their two cents in somehow. All the fine print is here, including license, warranty, regulatory, and even RF (radio frequency) exposure information. And fine print it is. Although you can flick to scroll these lengthy legal notices, you can't unpinch the screen to enlarge the text. (But can you imagine more than a handful of people who would bother to read this legal mumbo jumbo?)

  • Trust Store: Your phone doesn't have a secret trust fund. This setting has to do with trusted root certificates that are preinstalled in iOS and related to security.

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