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Your iPhone knows who is calling you before you do. You probably already know how to see who is calling. Via caller ID or by assigning a ringtone to a caller, you can tell who is calling you before picking up the phone. This is a handy feature for many reasons. With iOS 10, there’s an additional way of telling: Have Siri announce the name of the person, if known.

To enable the feature, head to Settings →   Phone →   Announce Calls, and then choose when you want a caller’s name to be announced out loud. You can have this happen on all incoming calls, for incoming calls when you’re wearing headphones, or for incoming calls when you’re wearing headphone or in the car.

If you’d rather Siri keep silent — you may be in a public setting and don’t want other people to know who is calling you — choose the Never option so that none of your incoming calls are announced.

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