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Your iPhone has a feature called Do Not Disturb. Much as it sounds, this feature will block incoming calls when activated. But, what if you want to activate the feature for everyone with the exception of a single person?

If there are people whose calls you want to receive even when the Do Not Disturb feature is turned on, you can set up that capability. You can also set up a feature that allows a second call from the same number made within three minutes of the first to ring through. The theory with this feature is that two calls within a few minutes of each other might suggest an emergency situation that you’ll want to respond to.

  1. With the Do Not Disturb feature turned on (see the previous task), tap Settings.
  2. Tap Do Not Disturb, and on the Do Not Disturb screen, toggle the Repeated Calls On/Off switch to On.

If you want to schedule Do Not Disturb to be active only during a certain time period, such as your lunch hour, toggle the Scheduled switch to On (green), then set a time range.

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