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Windows 7 is full of fun stuff to keep you entertained, from watching TV to viewing your photos. The Media Center interface is Windows 7’s entertainment hub. Windows Media Center is the perfect place to play DVDs with its sleek, blue design that feels more like a home theater interface than just another Windows application. Here's how you can use it to watch your favorite movie on DVD:

  1. Insert the DVD and choose Start→All Programs→Windows Media Center.


    The Media Center opens to the main menu.

  2. Locate and double-click the Movies option.

    Scroll vertically through the main menu items

  3. Click the Play DVD option on the submenu.


    The DVD’s main menu opens, where you can then select the option you want, such as Chapter List, Language Selection, Bonus Materials, Play or Play Movie, and the like.

    You can also arrive at the main menu by pressing the DVD Menu button on the Media Center remote control.

You can control the Windows Media Center’s DVD player with the same kinds of commands you would use to control a standalone DVD player. But if you click the Stop button, the Media Center displays a screen of options, including Resume, Restart, and Eject.

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