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Windows 10 brings many changes to the Windows world. Basically, it takes the best parts of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and combines them into one operating system. And there are new features as well, which you'll want to find out how to use. Here are some of the biggest changes and improvements in Windows 10.

Feature Description
Start Menu The Start Menu is back in a form that mixes the Start Menu from Windows 7 with the Start screen from Windows 8.1. You can pin both shortcuts and live tiles to the Start Menu.
Cortana Microsoft's digital assistant from Windows Phone makes the jump to PCs with Windows 10. Cortana can help you find all sorts of online information via natural language questions you ask using text or voice commands.
Notifications Center Notifications with pop-ups reminding you of all sorts of things. They are centralized into a very useful Notifications Center.
Virtual desktops In Windows 10 you can work with as many desktops as you wish, switch apps between them with ease, and so on.
Continuum If you use a hybrid or 2-in-1 device like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, you can dynamically switch the interface between the PC-friendly desktop environment and a full-screen tablet mode that's suited for touch.

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