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You may find yourself needing more help using Linux than you do using more pervasive operating systems, like Windows. Fortunately, Linux provides fairly easy ways to find help, as shown here:

Type This . . . To Find This . . .
man -k [keyword] Search a database for commands that involve the keyword. Can also be used as apropos [keyword].
info [command] Display a file’s help information in an alternate format.
man [command] Display a file’s help information.
whatis [command] Display a short blurb about the command.

The Fedora Documentation Project is growing its collection of help manuals for Fedora users. In addition, there’s the Fedora Forum, Fedora News, and the Unofficial Fedora FAQ. If you’re tapping into Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Wiki Project provides basic information on how to get started with most common desktop tasks and has a community documentation project where Ubuntu users can contribute their own guides and tutorials.

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