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After you’ve built your fantasy football team through the draft, your job truly begins. Coaching your team means compiling a complete lineup each and every week and deciding which players to pick up and which to release and/or trade. Your weekly coaching decisions will make or break your fantasy season, so make smart decisions by using some helpful fantasy football tips:

  • Don’t panic. The fantasy season is long; think before you trade your studs or dump your sleeper picks.

  • Check your players’ bye weeks. You don’t want to get stuck having multiple stars out of action at the same time.

  • Replace injured players. Check all available player updates to make sure your starting lineup is active.

  • Stay up to date on the latest football news. Sometimes players can get suspended or even traded to other teams, which could affect their fantasy football performance.

  • Assess your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Be aware of your team needs when acquiring players and considering trade offers. What positions are solid, and what positions do you need to improve?

  • Check the free agent pool and waiver wire often. You never know when an owner will drop a player who can help your squad.

  • Look to exploit favorable matchups and avoid bad ones. Every week, your players’ performances will be affected by the quality of their opposition, especially at TE, K, and DEF.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask fantasy football experts for help or advice. Many experts will answer questions via social media or write blog posts about next week’s NFL matchups to help beginners; use this knowledge to help make the best moves for your team each week!

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