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You can quickly reset all the options on the Shooting menu on your Nikon D3200 by selecting Reset Shooting Options, as shown on the left in the following figure. Likewise, the Setup menu also has a Reset Setup Options item to restore all settings on that menu, as shown on the right.

Choose the Reset option to return to the default settings for the respective menu.
Choose the Reset option to return to the default settings for the respective menu.

A couple potential flies in the ointment:

  • Resetting the Shooting menu defaults wipes out any customizations you made to a Picture Control setting — for example, if you tweaked the Vivid setting to produce even more saturated colors than it does by default.

    Additionally, a Shooting menu reset restores the default settings of a couple options not on the menu, including the Release mode, Exposure Compensation, Flash Compensation, Flash mode, and the Focus mode. The default focus point resets to the center point (unless Auto Area is selected for the AF-Area mode setting during viewfinder shooting, in which case all focus points are active). Finally, the AE-L/AF-L button returns to its normal operation as well.

  • More worrisome is that resetting the Setup menu restores the File Number Sequence option to its default, Off, which is most definitely Not a Good Thing. So if you restore the menu defaults, be sure that you revisit that option and return it to the On setting.

  • Resetting the Setup menu does not affect the Video Mode, Time Zone and Date, Language, or Storage Folder options, on the other hand. So you need to adjust those settings individually if necessary.

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