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Should you want to return your Nikon D5600 camera to its original, out-of-the-box state, the camera manual contains a complete list of most of the default settings. Look on the pages that introduce each of the menus.

You can also partially restore default settings by taking these steps:

  • Reset all Shooting Menu options: Open the Shooting menu and select Reset Shooting Menu. Note that resetting the menu does not affect the Storage Folder option, which is a concern only if you create custom folders.
  • Reset all Custom Setting Menu options: Choose Reset Custom Settings at the top of the Custom Setting menu.

    Resetting the Custom Setting menu restores the File Number Sequence option to its default, Off, which is most definitely Not a Good Thing. If you restore the menu defaults, be sure that you revisit that option and return it to the On setting.


  • Restore critical picture-taking settings without affecting all options on the Custom Setting menu: Use the two-button reset method: Press and hold the Menu button and the Info button simultaneously for longer than 2 seconds. (The little green dots near these two buttons are a reminder of this function.) See the camera manual for a list of exactly which settings are restored.

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