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Found on the Setup menu of the Nikon D5600, the Auto Info Display option offers another way to customize the Information display. When this option is On, as it is by default, the Information display appears whenever you press the shutter button halfway and release it. If you disable the Image Review feature (via the Playback menu), the display also appears after you take a picture.

Turn off the Auto Info Display option, and the Information screen appears briefly when you first turn on the camera, but after that, you must press the Info button to display it. Because the monitor is one of the biggest drains of battery power, you may want to set the option to Off if the battery is running low.

Directly below this Setup menu option is the similarly named Info Display Auto Off setting. This setting, when enabled, tells the camera to shut off the monitor display as soon as the eye sensor atop the viewfinder detects that you put your eye to the viewfinder. There's no reason to turn this option off. You can only look at one display at a time, and having the monitor turned on while you're looking through the viewfinder is just wasting battery power. In addition, turning off Auto Info Display disables the Touch Function feature.

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