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Here’s a cool focusing feature on your EOS 80D not available during viewfinder photography: You can magnify the Live View display to ensure that focus is accurate. This trick works during manual focusing or in any AF mode except Face+Tracking mode. Follow these steps:
  1. Press the AF Point Selection button or tap the Zoom icon in the lower right of the screen.
    Most shooting data disappears, and you see a magnification frame on the screen plus a white box in the lower-right corner, as shown on the right in the image above. The white rectangle is a thumbnail representing the entire image area. The value x1 appears above the thumbnail to show you that you're viewing the image at its regular size (no magnification).
  2. Move the focusing frame over your subject. Tap the screen or use the Multi-controller to position the frame.
  3. Press the AF Point Selection button or tap the Zoom icon again to magnify the display. Your first press or tap displays a view that’s magnified five times. Now the thumbnail icon changes, and the tiny white rectangle indicates the area of the frame you’re viewing. Additionally, a scroll arrow appears on each side of the frame.
    scroll arrow
    If needed, tap the scroll arrows or use the Multi-controller to scroll the display. Press the AF Selection Point button or tap the Zoom icon again for a x10 (ten-times) magnification.
  4. To exit magnified view, press the AF Point Selection button or tap the Magnify icon again.
Pretty cool, yes? Just a couple of tips on using this feature:
  • Press the Erase button or the Set button to quickly shift the magnification frame to the center of the screen.
  • Exit magnified view before you actually take the picture. Otherwise, exposure may be off. However, if you do take the picture in magnified view, the entire frame is captured — not just the area currently displayed on the monitor.

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