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FlexiZone-Single AF mode lets you select a specific autofocus point on your EOS 80D. You see a single, small focus frame at the center of the screen, as shown on the left. The image shows how the frame looks in Live View mode; in Movie mode, it’s a little larger. Either way, the next step is to move the frame over your subject.

For example, Julie moved the frame over the soup garnish in the right screen. You can either use the Multi-controller to adjust the frame position or just tap the screen to place the frame.

FlexiZone-Single mode
In FlexiZone-Single mode, use the Multi-controller or tap the screen to move the focus frame over your subject.

As in FlexiZone-Multi mode, you can press the Set button or Erase (trash can) button to immediately move the focus frame back to the center of the frame.

Focusing works the same as in the AF methods already discussed; press the shutter button halfway or hold down the AF-ON button to set and lock focus. If the camera can’t focus on the spot you selected, the frame turns red.

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