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After you set the Mode dial to the Movie position, you can view critical recording settings on the monitor of your Rebel T6. Start customizing your production with the options on Movie Menu 1:
  • Movie Exposure: By default, this option is set to Auto, and the camera controls the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. The selected settings appear at the bottom of the display.
Set the Movie Exposure option to Auto to let the camera handle exposure duties.

If you want to control exposure, set the Movie Exposure option to Manual. This option is best left to experts, so see the camera instruction manual for the full story. (You need to download the full manual from the Canon website; the paper manual provided in the camera box doesn't cover this feature.)

  • AF Method: This option enables you to choose from the same three autofocusing options available for Live View photography: FlexiZone-Single, (Face Detection) Live Mode, and Quick Mode.

The T6/1300D doesn't offer continuous autofocusing during movie recording. If you want to change the focus distance after recording begins, you can press the shutter button halfway to do so, but only if you have first enabled the AF with Shutter Button During Movie Recording option.

You also can set the AF Method option via the Quick Control screen.

  • AF with Shutter Button During Movie Recording: If you enable this option, you can press the shutter button halfway to reset autofocus during movie recording. But understand that doing so can be distracting. The image can drift in and out of focus, and the sound of the lens-focusing mechanism might be recorded if you use the internal microphone. Long story short, if you don't want to use the same focusing distance for the entire movie, use manual focusing.
  • Shutter/AE Lock button: This setting enables you to mess with the normal functions of the shutter button and the AE Lock button. Don’t.
  • Highlight Tone Priority: By default, this setting is turned off, just as it is for still photography. If you do turn on Highlight Tone Priority, the Auto Lighting Optimizer feature is automatically disabled. (The control for that feature lives on Movie Menu 3.)

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