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When the camera is in shooting mode, its standby timer feature saves battery power by shutting off the Information display and viewfinder after a period of inactivity. Similarly, the camera limits the Image Review period (the length of time your picture appears immediately after you press the shutter button), the length of time the Live View display remains active, how long a picture appears in playback mode, and how long menus remain onscreen.

You can control the auto-shutdown timing through the Custom Setting menu. Choose the Timers/AE Lock item from the main Custom Setting menu and then select Auto Off Timers, as shown on the left in Figure 10-9. You then see the screen shown on the right.

nikon-shutdown Customize auto shutdown timing here.

You get four choices, which produce the following shutdown times:

  • Short: Standby Timer (affects Information display and viewfinder), 4 seconds; Live View, 5 minutes; Image Review, 4 seconds; playback/menus, 20 seconds.
  • Normal (default setting): Standby Timer, 8 seconds; Live View, 10 minutes; Image Review, 4 seconds; playback/menus, 5 minutes.
  • Long: Standby Timer, 1 minute; Live View, 20 minutes; Image Review, 20 seconds; playback/menus, 10 minutes.
  • Custom: Choose this setting to specify delay times for the Standby Timer, Live View display, Image Review period, and Playback/menu display individually.

To disable Image Review altogether, head for the Playback menu and set the Image Review item to Off.

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