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After you take steps to strengthen the wall behind your sink, you're ready to complete your wall-hung sink installation. The next sink installation steps involve setting the mounting bolts into the support brace in the wall and then bolting the sink to the wall. Follow these steps:

  1. Mark the location of the mounting bolts on the 2 x 10.

    The bolts are located 30 3/4 inches from the floor and 7 7⁄16 inches apart. You have to place the bolts behind the sink, but they can’t line up exactly in the center of the 2 x 10 brace.

  2. Remove the 2 x 10 from the wall and drill 1/2-inch holes through the layout marks.

  3. Insert the mounting bolts.

  4. Install the threaded inserts to hold the bolts in place.

  5. Fasten the 2 x 10 brace to the wall studs by using 2 1/2-inch screws.

  6. Cut a piece of 3/-4-inch plywood to fit between the wall studs.

    If the opening is three studs wide, you must remove 3⁄4 inch from the front edge of the center stud so that you can install the plywood flush with the wall studs on the outer sides of the opening. In this case, make several 3⁄4-inch-deep cuts in the edge of the center stud and use a wood chisel to knock off the wood between the cuts.

  7. Drill holes in the plywood for the mounting bolts and plumbing pipes.

  8. Screw the plywood to the support boards.

  9. Apply moisture-resistant drywall (green board) to cover the opening.

  10. Tape and mud the joints between the existing wall and the new drywall with joint compound.

  11. Sand the joints smooth and paint the wall.

The last step is to mount the sink on the wall — it’s heavy, so get help.

  1. Lift the sink onto the mounting bolts.

  2. Slip on the washers and thread on the nuts.

  3. Use a carpenter’s level to position the sink so that it’s level.

  4. Tighten the bolts with a wrench.

After you have the sink in place, you will have to install the drain and pop-up assembly and the p-trap.

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