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Paleo cooking is about using well-balanced, high-quality, real foods. Cooking with quality Paleo foods (within any budget) decreases toxins and increases nutrition. This table shows you the highest-quality Paleo standard of food you can purchase. Every step up in quality adds more nutrition and makes your body healthier.

Food Best Practice Gold Standard Great Good
Beef/Lamb Local, pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed and finished Pasture-raised, grass-fed Organic Mainstream conventional, lean cuts with the visible fat trimmed
Pork Local, pasture-raised Organic, free-range N/A N/A
Poultry Local, pasture-raised Organic free-range Organic, cage-free Mainstream conventional
Seafood Fresh, wild-caught Wild-caught Non-grain-fed N/A
Produce Local, organic, seasonal Local, organic Organic Conventional
Fats and oils Organic, first cold pressed Paleo approved Organic, cold pressed Conventional N/A

Even if you must purchase from the okay list, rest assured that just by eating other Paleo-approved foods (cutting out grains and sugars) you are still going a long way to looking and feeling your best.

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