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Eating appropriate portion sizes is essential when incorporating the Mediterranean diet into your daily life. Use these Mediterranean portion size estimates to help you make healthy choices and truly eat in tradition with the Mediterranean coast. The following list provides both traditional Mediterranean portion sizes and easy comparisons to help you eyeball your portions instead of painstakingly measuring them.

  • A 2- to 3-ounce portion of poultry, beef, fish, or pork is about the size of a deck of cards or slightly less. (If this portion seems ridiculously small to you, remember that meat is typically a side dish rather than main course in the Mediterranean.)

  • A 1-ounce portion of cheese is the size of a domino.

  • A medium piece of fruit is the size of a tennis ball.

  • A cup of vegetables is the size of a baseball.

  • A half cup of grains is about the size of the palm of your hand (unless you have gigantic hands.)

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