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Most online bitcoin discussions take place on the BitcoinTalk forums. And as this forum has grown in popularity over the years, opportunities to make money have arisen as well. Especially for new and established bitcoin companies, the BitcoinTalk forum is an interesting place to advertise their business.

Forum signatures (placed at the bottom of forum profiles and visible on every post a user makes) allow BitcoinTalk users to earn a small amount of bitcoins every time they make a constructive post or topic on the forum. The person organizing this forum signature campaign keeps track of the number of posts you make during a week and pays the according amount at an agreed upon time. Engaging in discussions with a well-constructed opinion or answer is one way to do that. Or if you have a question you would like to see answered, the creation of a topic also counts as one post. Additionally, you may be rewarded for every constructive reply on your own topic.

Rewards for forum signature campaigns depend on various factors. First of all, the company looking for people to advertise its service may have a small or large budget, and the payout per valid post correlates to that amount. In some cases, that amount can be next to nothing, whereas in other cases, it might be quite substantial. This all depends on which product or service the company is looking to promote, and how much user interaction it receives based on the forum signature campaign in general.

Secondly, some forum signature campaigns limit the number of posts you can make during a payout period. A payout period is an agreed-upon amount of time during which the user can make posts to promote the signature campaign. Most signature campaigns pay out users on a weekly basis, and the company running the advertisement can decide to only allow a maximum number of posts per week. Any post over that amount is not rewarded.

One of the most important factors to determine whether or not a forum signature is right for you depends on your own user rank on BitcoinTalk. Members who are active and often participate in conversations will see their forum rank increase. The higher your forum user rank, the higher your forum signature payout per post will be.

Legendary users (users with a level of "forum activity" of over 850) and Hero users (users with a level over 500) usually earn the most of any user class and are hardly ever limited to a maximum amount of posts per payout period.

Spamming the forum with clutter and short messages can lead to being banned and disqualified from the forum signature campaign.

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