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You don’t have to sweat out the dog days of summer, even when cutting back on your awesome, home-cooling air conditioning to save money. You can stay cool, even when it’s hot outside.

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  • Add insulation to your home. First insulate your attic floor, and then when time and money allow, add insulation to your basement, exterior walls, floors, and crawl spaces (in that order).

  • Improve attic ventilation. Adequate ventilation under the eaves allows cooler air to enter and circulate throughout the attic. If you don’t have a permanent exhaust fan, you can set a box fan with the airflow pointed outward to pull the hot air out of the house.

  • Shade your house from the sun. If your house isn’t shaded by trees, install awnings over any windows that are exposed to direct sun during the day.

  • Cover your windows. Windows are a major source of heat during the summer. Reduce the heat coming in through your windows by closing the drapes during the day, adding reflective window tint to southern windows, and hanging old-fashioned bamboo shades outside.

  • Make your air conditioner work less. If you use an air conditioner to cool your house, turn the thermostat up a bit higher than the temperature you usually set. Also, set the temperature higher for times when you’re not there.

  • Use fans to circulate air. Moving air feels several degrees cooler than still air.

  • Reduce how much heat you create inside your house. Use appliances other than the stove and oven to cook (such as the microwave, slow cooker, electric skillet, or toaster oven). Don’t use the heat setting on your clothes dryer.

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