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A good interviewer will ask you, "What questions do you have for me?" before concluding the interview. Don't let it cause you to panic while searching for something to ask! You can prepare some questions ahead of time to ask the interviewer, and even have them written down in a notebook to bring with you to the interview.

At this stage, your questions should focus on the job, the responsibilities, and the company. Questions regarding benefits, time off, or even salary can wait for the offer stage, unless the interviewer brings it up earlier.

Still not sure what to ask? Here are some ideas:

"What have you enjoyed most about working here?" The interviewer's positive response, or lack thereof, helps you determine if this is an environment in which you could thrive and enjoy being a part of every day.

"How has this position changed since it was created?" If the interviewer tells you the responsibilities of the position have evolved and expanded over time that indicates an opportunity for growth within the company.

"What are the qualities of successful employees in this company?" Use this opportunity to highlight achievements from your previous experience that directly aligns with qualities the company finds most important in their top employees.

Watch this video for some questions to keep in your back pocket for your next job interview.

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