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If you use USPS as your Etsy merchandise shipping carrier, and you’ve signed up for Direct Checkout or your shop has been open and active for a certain number of months, you can print your shipping labels right from Etsy. When you print your label from Etsy, delivery confirmation is included automatically; insurance is also available if you want it. You’ll be billed for labels on your Etsy bill.

To print a shipping label on Etsy, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Your Shop link along the top of any Etsy page.

    The Your Shop page opens.

  2. Click the Sold Orders link, under Orders, on the left side of the page.

  3. Click the Open tab.

    The Open Orders page opens, displaying a list of items that you’ve sold but not yet shipped.

  4. If necessary, click the Not Shipped tab.

  5. Click the Print Shipping Label button.

    A page outlining how this feature works appears.

  6. Click the Continue button.

    The Confirm Default Ship From Address page appears.

  7. Confirm that the Ship From address is correct (or make changes as needed); then click the Continue button.

    The Buy Postage page appears.

  8. Click the Shipping Method drop-down list and choose the desired method — for example, USPS First Class Mail or USPS Priority Mail.

  9. If prompted, enter the package dimensions.

  10. If prompted, click the Package Type drop-down list and specify the package type — say, Package/Thick Envelope, Irregular/Unusual Package, or what have you.

  11. Enter the package weight in the appropriate field.

  12. Optionally, type a dollar amount indicating the value of the item in the Add Insurance field to insure the package.

  13. If you want someone to sign for the package, click the Signature Confirmation check box to select it.

  14. If necessary, click the Ship Date drop-down list and specify the day on which you plan to ship the item.

  15. Click the Confirm and Buy button.

    Etsy displays a confirmation dialog box, indicating the number of labels purchased and the price.

  16. Click the Buy and Send Notification button.

    Etsy creates the label and notifies you that it’s ready for download.

  17. Click the Download Shipping Labels button.

    Etsy displays the label as a PDF. Print it as you would any other similar file.


Although you can use regular paper, it’s better to use paper with adhesive backing; that way, you don’t have to use tape to attach the label to your package.

After Etsy creates your shipping label, it updates the invoice and receipt to show that it has been shipped, essentially closing the order. The item also appears on the Completed Orders tab, which you access by clicking the Completed tab on the Sold Orders page.


Be aware: Etsy allots each shop a “shipping label budget.” When you reach the limit set by your shop’s budget, you’ll need to pay your Etsy bill before you’re allowed to purchase and print more shipping labels. Each time you pay your Etsy bill, your shop budget will increase.

Etsy also offers a “batch shipping label” feature of sorts. That is, you can purchase and print shipping labels for several orders at once. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Shipping Labels link in the Orders section of Your Shop.

  2. On the Buy Postage tab, select the items for which you want to purchase shipping labels and fill in the necessary info for each one.

  3. Review the order.

  4. Purchase the labels by clicking the Confirm and Buy button.

  5. Click the Buy and Send Notification button.

    Etsy will process your labels and send shipping notifications to your buyers.

  6. Click the Download Shipping Labels button, and print them as normal.

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