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The Network Marketing direct sales model is best suited for people who fit the following profile: enjoy networking one-on-one, like building relationships over time, and find comfort in following a very specific system.

The people who do best in this model are people who are comfortable allowing the product and the business opportunity to take center stage. They then see themselves more as a messenger of the tools that share the information, rather than being the star, expert, or source of information themselves.

This is not to say that they have no appetite for recognition, but rather that they can comply with a system that is already in place and has a proven track record. Often, the process of effectively building a network involves deferring to the expertise of others with the sole purpose of demonstrating the "system" to the prospects.

The key to lasting and satisfying success in Network Marketing is the art of duplication. To attract a lot of recruits and foster duplication in your network, your business practices must be duplicable. Being the expert is not easily duplicable because it leads to attracting only people who already believe they are capable of being or quickly becoming the expert, too. That slows your recruiting and network growth.

People who need to "know it all" (and a lot of us fall into that camp) do best in this business when they can preserve their knowledge for supporting their team in the building of their businesses. Your team, also known as your downline, is your line of sponsorship who looks to you for guidance. You are considered their upline or sponsor. You can share your wisdom, your tips, your extensive product knowledge and much more in support of them.

Other traits that are a good match for Network Marketing are:

  • Desire for a residual income stream, delivered regularly (often weekly) via direct deposit

  • Willingness to take a small risk now for potential substantial payoff later (which is true for every direct seller, no matter what type of model).

  • Ability to delay financial gratification and work harder now for a small initial income that could grow in the future

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