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In order to build a successful direct selling business, you need to define what success means to you. That means deciding what your vision for your business is and setting the goals you need to get there:

  • Creating your vision: Vision is the big picture of where you see yourself and what motivates you. Keeping your vision front and center can help set you apart — very few people develop a vision. Picture what you really want in life. Make that picture very clear. Don’t just envision more free time and more money. Get into detail. Paint a picture of what you really want the time and money for. Perhaps you would like to buy a new home, become debt‐free, or help your spouse retire. Writing down your vision and placing it prominently on a bulletin board is a good way to keep your vision alive.

  • Setting goals as your milestones to success: Vision and goals both contribute to success, but they are not the same thing. Success is achieving your vision by reaching the goals you set. Goals are the milestones on the way to your success. Goals are a way to break down your vision into manageable steps. Look closely at your vision. What steps, or goals, will it take to get there? For example, if you want to take your loved ones to Disney World, you need to determine how much that trip will cost. Once you know the dollar amount, you can easily plan how you are going to achieve that in commission.

  • Reaching your destination: When you make a decision, the desire builds, you follow through with the details, and you reach your destination. You may need to pull over and get directions (meaning you may need to get help from your upline or an accountability partner), but you don’t ever give up. Success is a journey — a road traveled. You will have speed bumps, roadblocks, and detours along the way. If you don’t know where you’re going, the detours that you come across in life may take you off in different directions. By having the destination in your mind, plus written down and posted around your home or office as reminders, you’ll be able to get through the detours and challenges and still be headed in the direction you want.

  • Staying determined: Success requires determination. Tell yourself that you’re not giving up. And then don’t. When a party cancels, don’t just think, Oh well, I guess I have the night off, and then hang out watching TV. Instead, make some calls and book another party (or two). If you’re short on your sales goals for a trip, don’t hang out watching TV — instead make up the sales with more bookings, one-on-ones, or re-servicing orders.

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