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Here's a quick checklist you can use to help put on the best sales meeting possible. You may have a few more specific to your industry, but this is a good start and will get you thinking. Also, immediately following a sales meeting, have a debriefing with your key people to see what you could've done better to improve your next meeting.

  • Venue booked or room reserved

  • Theme/Content selected and created

  • All department heads notified

  • Vendor partners invited and confirmed

  • Other guest(s) invited and confirmed

  • Food and beverage ordered

  • Product samples ordered and arranged for delivery

  • Hotel rooms booked and confirmed for out-of-town salespeople

  • Schedules arranged to cover sales floor (if meeting is during working hours)

  • Agenda created and provided to everyone

  • Copies of all documents, new item information and data sheets printed

  • Post-meeting cleanup arranged

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