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Many companies offer programs and incentives to help motivate you and keep you consistent in running your direct sales business. It is important for your success and momentum, especially at the beginning of your business, to set your sights on earning these incentives and programs.

Most companies offer programs within your first 90 days of starting (typically called Fast Start, Quick Start, Fast Track, and so on). The fast-track type program is a great way for you to earn additional products for your kit, gain items for your own personal use, and of course, establish good business habits and patterns. What you start with is what you are likely to continue with. So, if you get your business off to a healthy and successful start by pushing yourself in both sales and recruiting, you will most likely enjoy long-term success.

It's important to familiarize yourself with the program and the exact requirements and qualifications you need to hit to earn it. Not only will earning this program get you off to a great start and land you a nice reward from the company, but you will be getting paid at the same time.

Companies offer ongoing incentives because they want to keep you focused, excited, and engaged in your business. So, anytime your company is running a program or incentive, make it a priority to earn it.

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